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Alpha  Series:   LLD    Water-Cooled  Genset Technical  Data  Sheet   


Engine Accessories

  • medium-duty air cleaner
  • oil  & fuel filters
  •  fuel lift pump
  • 12v Electric starting system


Alternator Specification

  • single bearing 2 or 4 pole brushless alternator
  • solid state AVR with ± 1.5% as standard
  • class H insulation on the rotor and stator, with ingress
  • protection rating 23


Optional Items

  • residential exhaust silencer for open sets (as fitted to accoustic)
  • accoustic canopy kit (including residential silencer kit) for retro-  fitting to electric-start open sets only
  • 2-wheel trailer
  • baisc tool kit


Control cubicle

All LLD and LLDA sets have a control cubilce mounted on a vibration isolated support, which has the following features

  •    electronic digital control module with monitoring/control

  •    facility and warning indicators

  •    automatic shutdown protection

  •    emergency stop button (lock-down type)

  •    AC output circuit breaker with over-current protection

  •    DC circuit control switch and overload circuit breaker


 The Control module gives digital readouts of:

  • generator voltage (phase to phase & phase to neutral)

  • generator current (each phase displayed separately)

  • output frequency

  • engine speed

  • engine coolant temperature









 LLD Technical Specifiactions




The Control Module has Indicators for


  • overspeed/underspeed
  • emergency stop
  • engine oil pressure
  • engine temperture
  • failure to start
  • battery charger failure


Automatic shutdown occurs under:

  • low engine oil pressure
  • high engine temperature
  • overspeed/underspeed
  • failure to start after three attemps


Manual/Remote starts

These sets have the flexibilty of either manual or remote automatic operation:

  •  manual operation is by START and STOP pushbuttons on the control  module
  • Remote operation is acheived by connecting a 2-wire circuit to the relevent terminals on the control module and is activated by setting the control module to  Auto


Automatic Mains Failure Sets (AMF)

In the event of a mains failure, the generating set will automatically operate to supply the electrical load.  In addition to the standard features, automatic mains failure sets has:

  • wall mounted cubicle governing automatic masins failure operation
  • control module timer circuits set to delay start, delay transfer back to mains and delay stop to allow for engine cooldown
  • solid state automatic battery charger that maintains charge when set is not running


The Wall-mounted Cubicle Features:

  • mains monitoring unit to control set operation
  • load transfer contactors, mechanically and electrically interlocked (rated for set output)
  • indicator for mains-on-load or plant-on-load