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LT1, LV1

Power ranges: 1.0 - 7.4 KW; 1.3 - 9.9 bhp

Variable speed builds, full load range: 1000 - 3000 r/min

Fixed speed builds: 1500 or 3000 r/min


Durable, reliable, versatile single cylinder air cooled diesel engines

  • Special Attributes

  • designed for continuous operation in ambient temperatures up to 52 degs C (122 deg F)
  • oil cooling by means of air flow over deep crankcase finning
  • clockwise and anticlockwise rotation builds available                                                     


Basic Engine Characteristics                          

  • single cylinder
  • diesel fuelled
  • direct injection
  • air cooled
  • naturally aspirated                                                           

                                           Lt 1 shown with optional fuel tank and silencer fitted       



Design Features and Equipment

  • air cleaner (type according to application)
  • inlet and exhaust manifolds
  • self-vent fuel system (LV1 only)
  • self-regulating plunger type lubricating oil pump
  • decompressor lever
  • flywheel with cooling fan
  • sheet metal or cas SAE 5 fan shroud (depending on build)
  • mechanical governing
  • hand start (electric optional)
  • 250 hour service intervals
  • operators handbook


 Technical Data Sheet


Complies with EU Stage 3A emssions regulations


Optional Items

  • 12v electric start
  • fuel tank (5 or 8 litre) with filter
  • fuel filter
  • silencer
  • lifting eye (LV1 only)

A range of options allows you to select a specification that matches your requirements