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Power range 5.5 - 7.4KW: 7.4 - 9.9bhp

Fixed speeds: 1500 1800 r/min

Reliable, durable single cylinder air cooled G-build diesel engines

Special Attributes

suitable for generating sets

designed for continuous operation in ambient temperatures up to 50C (122F)

oil cooling by means of air flow over deep crankcase finning

Basic Engine Characteristics

  • diesel fuelled
  • direct injection
  • single cylinder
  • air cooled
  • naturally aspirated
  • electric start ( hand start optional)

Design Features and Equipment

  • medium duty air cleaner
  • inlet and exhaust manifolds
  • fuel injection pump and self vent fuel system
  • fuel filter
  • fuel lift pump *
  • self-regulating plunger type lubricating oil pump
  • spin on lubricating oil filter
  • decompression lever
  • flywheel with cooling fan **
  • SAE4 flywheel housing **
  • mechanical governing
  • 12v starter motor *
  • safety switches *
  • fuel controlled solenoid (energised to run)*
  • standard skid base packing
  • 250 hour service intervals
  • operators handbook
*optional items standard on most builds
** options available


Complies with EU stage 3a emissions.

Optional items

  • 12v battery charge windings
  • SAE4 flywheel housing and 7.5" flywheel
  • SAE5 flywheel housing and 7.5" flywheel
  • SAE4 and non SAE stanard flywheel

A range of options allows you to select a specification that matches your requirements.

Technical Data Sheet